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Open School NightTitle I AIS Math Presentation

What is “Title I”?

○ Funds to provide programs to help children who are struggling in reading and math.

○ Extra help (in addition to what they learn in the classroom) in both math and reading.


Assessments in Mathematics

Assessments are used to help teachers determine if a student is understanding the content presented in the classroom. Assessments help teachers differentiate insturuction based on student need. 

○ New York State Assessment in Mathematics Grades 3,4,5.

○ Sachem CSD Benchmark Assessments

○ Classroom Uint Tests

○ i-Ready Math Diagnostic Assessments 


Proficiency Levels

If a child does not reach a certain level when they take an assessment, we consider them for additional help in our Title 1/AIS program

Four Proficiency Levels:

  1. Below Basic 
  2. Basic 
  3. Proficient 
  4. Advanced

Our goal (and the State’s goal) is for your child to reach the “Proficient” level.


Title 1 Academic Intervention Services in Mathematics

Who qualifies? 

We use multiple measures, which include classroom performance and NYS Math assessment scores.  

What is it? 

Small group instruction based on the curriculum, and the specific individual skills of the students. 

How often?

Services are based on student need. Students receive anywhere from 1X per week - 4X per week for 45 minutes. 1:1 or in a small group.

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