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On this page you will find links to sites with games, homework help, Practice problems and more! Check them out, you might have a little fun at the same time. 

Practice your facts! 

Math Fact Fluency quizzes- all levels

Manga High

Math games!
Challenge classmates and even students from schools across the country!

Teacher Tube

Very similar to YouTube, however more educational videos (by teachers). If you get home to do homework, no book and no way to figure out the day's lesson try searching for the topic on Teacher Tube. You may find some new and interesting ways to do problems.

Math Dictionary

great math dictionary with many illustrations. Keep in mind however that the site is based in England so some of the spellings and wording can be sightly different than you are used to.

Math Problem Solver

This site will solve a problem and help you with the steps.

Use it to check your work!

Wolfram Alpha

A unique search engine that will help you answer many questions.

It will also help you with math questions! 

Just type them in and see what you receive.

Cool Math!

Check out all the fun games that actually have a little learning involved! Have fun!

Math Playground

More math fun with many math based games. Challenge yourself!

Math Motorway

Test your math facts by racing to the finish! 

You can even race your friends online! Have fun and good luck!

Skill Practice

Practice your basic skills in the four core subjects.

Speed Math Deluxe

 Think you know your order of operations... 

Try this math game and find out.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

Interactive Math manipulatives.

Catchup Math Games

Check out these math games for a challenge!


Lots of really cool games. There are even some fun math games from funbrain. 

If you are a sudoko fan, check out their interactive sudoko.

Math Practice for any grade/topic!

A great site that has all sorts of practice on it from Pre-K to Algebra. If you are looking to review a topic or see how good you are at a challenging one, this is the site for you!

Thinking Blocks.Com

Want to practice your problem solving skills with bar modeling. Here is a great way to practice and keep track of your progress.


Do you like Suduko? If the answer is yes, try a kenken. A very similar puzzle to a suduko, but you get to choose how big. Be sure to check out the how to video to learn how.

Logic Puzzles

Try your hand at these logic puzzles. A great way to challenge yourself to see how good of a problem solver you are. Choose from easy to hard puzzles. You can even play online!