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***I have set-up an account for all of my students who are enrolled in AIS-Math. The students have access to their math textbook, lessons and have a math to-do list containing activities, videos & assessments . If you need support logging in at home or your child forgot their login information. Feel free to email me at


What is i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction?

i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction is an online, interactive learning environment designed to assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student’s unique needs. The exciting format and engaging content, as well as the Study Buddies and other interesting, contemporary characters, draw in students right away. The i-Ready experience builds students’ investment in their learning by giving them real-time feedback on their progress in each skill. As students complete each assignment successfully, they earn credits that they can use to play games. i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction also provides opportunities to learn both at school and at home.

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